The Bolzano Short Film Festival began in 1968 with the label “Opere Nuove” (“new works”). At that time, a group of passionate filmmakers organized the first competition for the members of the local association “Cineclub Bolzano”.

Within a few years, the festival has evolved from a internal to nationwide competition. In this period it has grown in terms of participants as well as in terms of popular success.


The most important milestones are:

  • 1968: birth of the short film festival “Opere Nuove”.

  • 2004: first edition of “No Words”, a international festival for short films containing no dialogs and no spoken or written words.

  • 2005: introduction of the section SFE (Short Film Experiment), which is dedicated to the experimental cinema.

  • 2007: The events “Opere Nuove” and “No Words” merge into a sigle event: the Bolzano ShortFilmFestival.

  • 2008: the short film experiment evolves to a well-established competition with a dedicated prize money.

  • 2009: introduction of the new section “Die Kurze Welle” (the short wave) which is dedicated to German-language films.

  • 2010 and 2011: the festival has two sections: Opere Nuove: national competition for italian films and/or italian authors, Global Vision: international film festival

  • 2012 and 2013: due to an internal reorganisation of the Cineclub, the competition is submitted. The TBIS (The Best Italian Shorts Films) is organised instead. It is a festival for Italian short films than won important festivals recently.

  • 2014: in order to create synergies between the Bolzano ShortFilmFestival and the “Bozner Filmtage” (film festival of the city of Bolzano), the event “No Words” returns as a section within the “Bozner Filmtage”. The TBIS still has its place and it is organised separately.

  • 2015: the Bolzano ShortFilmFestival has the same setting as in the year before: the section “No Words” is an international competition within the “Bozner Filmtage” in april, the event “The Best Italian Short Films” takes place in november.